In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), USA Cycling, as sole Operator of the USA Cycling Website, wishes to advise parents of junior riders and other children creating personal accounts online with USAC,  that USAC may collect (directly from you or your child) and retain the following personal information regarding your child:

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Phone number
4. E-mail address
5. Gender
6. Date of Birth
7. Citizenship
8. Racing level category and license history

The purposes for which USAC collects and retains personal information regarding your child are: 

1. Issuance of racing or professional (ie, officials, mechanics, coaching) licenses

2. Communication with your child, via e-mail or post, of racing opportunities in your child's area (area or region-specific race information)

3. Communication with your child, via e-mail or post, of benefits available to USAC members

4. Daily e-updates on cycling news

5. On-line listings of cycling club memberships

6. Mailing labels generated for use by USAC promoters in your child's area for the purpose of promoting scheduled races or events

7. Mailing labels generated and sold for use outside of USAC including but not limited to cycling or other product catalogs

8. Password protected Local Association and Promoter rider lists

9. Monthly USAC E-newsletters. 

Parents may opt to delete or remove personal information obtained on-line relating to their child. Parents also have the option to consent to the collection and use of their child's information without consenting to the disclosure of the information to third parties. To exercise these options, parents may: 

1. Contact USAC's Membership Department at (719) 434-4200  specifying what information pertaining to his/her child the parent wishes deleted or removed.

2. Send an e-mail to USAC at specifying what information pertaining to his/her child the parent wishes removed or deleted.

3. Write to USAC at 210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80919-2215, Attention: Membership, specifying what information pertaining to his/her child the parent wishes deleted or removed . 

Parents are advised that should they opt to delete or remove personal information obtained on-line pertaining to their child, all licenses held by the child may be expired as personal information is integral to USA Cycling's licensing program. In addition, information relating to your child will be removed from all e-mail or mailing lists including, but not limited to, lists relating to racing opportunities, your child's ranking in the Results and Ranking program, and Member Benefits available to your child.

Parents are advised the use of a credit card in an on-line transaction to purchase a junior license constitutes implied consent for USAC to collect and retain personal information regarding your child.

This Article Published September 13, 2007 For more information contact: