Permit How-to, Benefits and Fees


Did you know that USA Cycling can permit gran fondos, gravel events, fun rides, training rides, and bike clinics as well as races? A registered USA Cycling club or licensed race director can permit any of these events through USA Cycling with the exception of camps and clinics.  USA Cycling camps and clinics must be conducted and permitted by a licensed USA Cycling Coach.

By permitting with USA Cycling you’ll have access to an abundant suite of online tools accessible through your My USA Cycling account that make pre-event and event day processes easier. These online tools such as permitting, registration system, rider waivers, and post-event forms streamline and improve our service to our members all while making your job quick and seamless. 

To begin a permit you’ll log in or create a USA Cycling account through the My USA Cycling account icon on the right top hand corner of the USA Cycling homepage. Under the tools link you will go to clubs and race directors to “enter a new event” where you will enter information regarding your event.

You should have the date, location, what category race, if it is a competitive event, ability to complete a medical plan, and the event name. The permit process takes approximately 30 minutes, though you can begin and return at your convenience without losing what was entered. Be sure to complete the USA Cycling permitting process at least eight weeks prior to the event date for all the processes associated with permitting to be completed. To ensure insurance coverage the event must be permitted seven days prior to the event date.

Benefits of Permitting

When you permit your event with USA Cycling you gain access to our online registration system that conveniently allows riders to register for your event right on the USA Cycling website. The registration system deducts any necessary permitted fees, insurance surcharges, and any additional event fees from rider registration fees collected by the registration system. The system gives riders the opportunity to purchase a one-day or annual license and sign waivers electronically prior to race day cutting down on-site paperwork for you and your staff. By linking to USA Cycling’s membership database riders are registered in the correct category, gender, and age group clearing up any confusion that might have otherwise been left to race morning. All permitted events with 50 or more registrants processed through the USA Cycling registration system have the potential to receive a rebate of $0.40 for each online registration net transaction.  Events who process 250 or more registrants may qualify for a year-end bonus. Click here for more details.  

By permitting, your athletes’ results can be added to the only national results and ranking program that offers racers the ability to compare how they stack up against riders across the nation as well as give USA Cycling the ability to identify world class athletes and aid in teams selection. Click here for rankings FAQs.  

As you know riders need to purchase annual or one-day licenses, but did you know that money from these membership sales are filtered back into your area through Local Associations (LA)? USA Cycling’s LA’s decide where to reinvest the financial allocation and some LA’s support racing programs through various avenues. Whether it is renting a timing system, reimbursement for hiring officials, financial grants, or other great benefits by permitting your event you’ll be able to take advantage of these. 

Every permitted event will be added to the USA Cycling event calendar which appears on every local licensed rider’s My USA Cycling mobile app and USA Cycling upcoming events page where they can find all information related to your event within two-clicks. 

By permitting your event with USA Cycling you have access to insurance programs that provides coverage not only to your event at a low cost it also provides licensed athletes with coverage while they race at your event. The program includes general liability, participant legal liability, premises-operations liability, products and completed operations, personal injury liability, limited worldwide liability, and for the riders excess medical coverage. There is also the ability to purchase non-owned/hired automobile insurance. For more information about the insurance programs available please click here.  

Member License Fees

All racers taking part in a permitted event must hold a valid annual or one-day license (the only exceptions to this licensure rule are those members participating in a gran fondo or a fun ride) and sign a USA Cycling event waiver. Riders are not the only ones who need to sign a waiver, so do volunteers. Please see below for license fees.

Fees to Permit an Event

The fees to permit an event are the permitting fee, official’s fees if the event is competitive, insurance surcharges, and sometimes a LA surcharge.


*Total event prize list is the sum of cash prizes, primes, merchandise and general classification payout
  1. Competitive events have a $3.75 per rider per day insurance surcharge.
  2. Permit applications must be submitted no later than eight weeks in advance of the event date to avoid late filing fees. No new permit within 72 hours of the event start.
  3. Set-up and tear down days can be covered for an additional $50 per day.
  4. Practice days can be covered for an additional fee as listed below for days outside of the permitted event dates.  There is no charge for the practice days that are held during the permitted event dates. The following fees are per day for mountain bike events: A- 1,000+ event participants: $250, B- 500-999 event participants: $200, C- 100-499 event participants: $150, D- 50-99 event participants: $125, E- 1-49 event participants: $100. For road and track it is a flat $50 per day fee.
  5. Non-competitive events defined as training rides, camps and clinics are $50 for 1-3 days and $100 for 4-30 days. The rider per day insurance surcharge is as follows: $2.75.
  6. Non-competitive fun rides/tours/charity rides $50 per event. The rider per day insurance surcharge is as follows: $2.75. A race directors license is not required to permit fun rides/tours/charity rides. Please contact your event services coordinator to override the license requirement.
  7. Gran Fondo and gravel events are timed events open to all riders. $50 per event. The rider per day insurance surcharge is $3.50. A race directors license is not required to permit Gran Fondo and gravel events. Please contact our event services coordinator to override the license requirement.
  8. Permit fees for multiple day road races, including stage races, omniums, or other races conducted on consecutive days with cumulative results are based on the highest overall payment on a single category, including general classification, team prizes, KOM's, etc.
  9. Multiple-day mountain races including stage races or other races conducted on consecutive days with cumulative results and prizes are at least category D races.
  10. National Championships and international races are category A races.
  11. Non-championship final trials for Olympic, Pan American, and World Championship teams are at least category C races.
  12. State Championships and regional championships are at least cateogry D races.
  13. Category E races are those that do not qualify for higher categorization.
  14. Training race series permit- a training race series is a sequence of race meets of the same kind conducted on a regular basis at the same location, time, and day of week.  State championship series are NOT eligible! A prize list of less than $499 per day may be offered. The fee for 1-3 days will be $50 and $100 for 4-30 days. All riders must be licensed and sign waivers. Race directors pay $3.75 per rider per day for insurance coverage.
Permit Late Fees: If a permit is received within eight weeks of the event date the late fee is $25. If a permit is received within four weeks of the event date the late fee is $100. If a permit is received within two weeks of the event date the late fee is $200.

Paper Processing Fee: A $50 fee will be charged for all event permits submitted in hard copy.

Failure to comply: Post-event reporting and fees are due to the USA Cycling office within 21 days after the event. Failure to comply will result in additional mandatory fees: $50 if before 30 days after the event, $100 if within 31-60 days after the event, $150 if within 61-90 days after the event. An organizer who fails to publish an official race announcement shall pay an additional 7% of the total prize list, or $50, whichever is greater. Non-compliance or lack of full payment may result in future cancellation of permits and/or suspension.

Umbrella policy (additional $4 million optional insurance):
5000+ participant days- $1,500
1,000-4999 participant days- $1,000
250-999 participant days- $750
100-249 participant days- $550
1-99 participant days- $350

Events with 10,000+ spectators are an additional $2,000

To purchase the umbrella policy, please call our Event Services team at 719-434-4200.  Since the umbrella policy is purchased prior to your event, we will look at your actual participant numbers when post-event paperwork is submitted to finalize your fee.

Cancellation of event: If an event is cancelled there is a $50 cancellation fee.  If the permit was submitted and a late fee charged the late fee will not be returned.  
Insurance certificates will automatically be issued for the race director and each sponsoring club free of charge. If another party is required to be named as an additional insured, the cost will be $10 each. This $10 fee will apply each time your certificate needs to be reissued, so we encourage you to communicate with the insured and make sure that your request is complete and accurate the first time including spelling, addresses, and the proper way to list the insured on the certificate.
If a special endorsement is required for the insurance certificates there is a $75 fee per request.
If you are organizing a competitive event you will need officials at the race. You as the race director will be responsible to pay licensed officials a daily fee based on the race category. 

Official's Fees


*These fees apply to officials assigned by USAC. In addition to these daily fees there are additional fees associated with overtime races, site visits and expenses an official may incur that will include round trip transportation from the official's home and during the race, or reimbursement for the transportation according to the published rates of USA Cycling, per diem, basic housing when overnight lodging is necessary before, during, or after the race, and any other necessary expenses.  Please see the officials section for a full breakdown of costs

Officials are assigned according to Policy IV: Officials Assignment Guidelines. How many officials and what level those officials are depends on what size and category your race is. This also determines who makes the official assignment the Local Association, Regional Technical Committee, National Technical Committee, Regional Coordinator or Technical Director. Please see Policy IV for more details on official assignment.

If you are holding non-competitive "companion" rides or clinics prior to the event to prepare participants make sure you permit this as a non-competitive event separate from the main event. This offers more coverage for your entire event. 

After you submit your online permit and fees if you are permitting a road race the permit automatically goes to your local association for approval and then to USAC membership staff for final approval prior to going to our insurance company for insurance certificates to be produced. If you are permitting a mountain bike race the permit goes to USAC’s regional coordinator to approve and then to USAC membership staff for final approval prior to going to our insurance company for insurance certificates to be produced. Once the permit for the event has been approved no changes can be made unless authorized by either the Local Association or Regional Coordinator.  Post event packets are sent by email with directions on how to complete.  Your insurance certificates will be emailed to the email address you provided. This permit process takes approximately 14 business days to complete and does not include the processing of insurance certificates. The time needed for producing insurance certificates vary on the time of season, how many are needed and any changes that might be needed after the request is made please allow 30 days for this process.

After the event there are several items that need to be turned in as part of the permitting process. One of the fees associated with permitting an event are the insurance surcharges which you will calculate and pay at the end of the event.  A rider may race more than one time during a one day event and be counted only once. You may sell USAC licenses during the registration process. The amount for these fees and licenses is totaled and payment made with the post-event report form. Membership fees are as follows and to be reported in quantity on the post-event report.


All riders taking part in a sanctioned event must hold a valid annual or one-day license and sign a USA Cycling waiver. Riders are not the only ones who need to sign a waiver, so do volunteers.
If you have elected to submit results from your race to count towards the national rankings program you will need to submit race results in 21 days following the end of the event. These results need to be in the USA Cycling approved format using Excel or any comma delimited file and submitted directly to the website or

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