Regional Talent ID Camps


2010 West Coast Regional Development Camp

Camp Purpose

The mission of USA Cycling's Regional Talent ID Camps is to Provide USA Cycling with Jr. Talent Evaluations while Offering Athletes a Pathway to Develop Their Cycling Ability. Our Talent ID Camps are the first step for young male and female athletes to enter into the USA Cycling development pipeline, providing them guidance and development towards their cycling future. USA Cycling Regional Talent ID Camps are for athletes racing age 14 to 19 years and attendees should have some racing experience.

The primary goal of the Talent ID Camps is to recognize athletes who, at an early age, show signs of potential future success in cycling. Receiving instruction from some of USA Cycling’s finest coaches, the camps also provide the necessary framework to improve the athletes skillset, thus progressing their cycling development. Regional Talent ID Camps provide vital input towards selecting riders for international competition and/or a national camp. 80 percent of athletes invited to our National Talent ID Camp have attended a Regional Talent ID Camp.

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Talent ID Camp Alumni Take National Mountain Bike Titles

Road Talent ID Camps    
Date Location Manager Seletion Race
June 4-9 N. Arizona Univ (Flagstaff, AZ) Barney King l'abitibi
June 11-16 School of Mines (Denver, CO) Jon Heideman l'abitibi
June 10-15 Furhman Univ (Greenville, SC) -SOLD OUT- Rusty Miller l'abitibi
June 16-21 Cal Lutheran (Thousand Oaks, CA) -SOLD OUT- Kevin Dessart Tour of Ireland
June 16-21 New England (Umass Amherst) Kyle Wolfe Tour of Ireland
Mountain Bike Talent ID Camps    
June 26-July 1 Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO) Daniel Matheny  
June 12-17 Garrett College (McHenry, MD) -SOLD OUT- Kristen Dieffenbach  
Cyclo-Cross Development Camps    
Aug 9-12 Dunn School (Los Olivos, CA) Kirk Nordgren  
Aug 21-23 Fort Flagler State Park (Norland, WA) Toby Swanson  

*The June 4-9 Flagstaff camp is open to junior males racing age 17-18 only who hold a USAC racing license of cat 3 or above. A team of six will be selected from the camp to participate in the 2017 Tour De l’Abitibi (July 17-23). This selection camp will be limited to 23 riders. For more info contact Barney King at or by phone at 602-410-4358.
All other Tour de l'Abitibi selections camps are open to jr atheltes race age 14-19, however only 17-18 yr old males can be choosen to race the Tour de l'abitibi. Each camp will select a team of six (6) riders to participate at the Tour de l'Abitibi. Atheltes will be responsible for all fees associated with travel, lodging, and racing the Tour de l'abitibi. For more information, please contact the camp manager for the camp you are interested in attending.

New this year, two of our camps (CA and New England) will be selecting riders to race in the 2017 Tour of Ireland (July 11-17). Currently we will select two teams of four (4) riders to participate in the Tour of Ireland. Athletes will be responsible for all fees associated with travel, lodging, and racing the Tour of Ireland. For more information, please contact the camp manager for the camp you are interested in attending.


Financial aid for the Talent ID Camps and selection races may be available from the USA Cycling Foundation's High Performance Grants for those who qualify.

Camp Features

While all camps aim to provide athletes with equivalent learning opportunities, each camp has a uniqueness all to its own. To find out more about the features of each camp, click here.

At all road camps, a proprietary USA Cycling Power Application is used to measure athlete’s average power and power/weight ratio from two field test, regardless if athlete has a power meter or not. The power numbers are one factor used to help select athletes invited to the USA Cycling National Camp. View Power Numbers from our previous camp field tests HERE.

Learn more about our camps from USA Cycling Junior Program Manager Billy Innes in the video below:



Registration for the USA Cycling Regional Talent ID Camps is now available. To register for a camp, sign in to your USA Cycling account and click on the "Register for an Event" button. There you will find all the camps that currently offer online registration. Please keep in mind that the June 16-21 Flagstaff Camp is a l'Abitibi selection camp and open only to 17-18 cat 3-and-above junior male athletes. Registration for each camp closes one week prior to that camp's start.

How to Qualify Automatically for the USA Cycling Development Camps (Cyclo-Cross camps are open to all athletes and do not have minimum qualifying standards)

Please note that qualification procedures may change for 2017. Consider the following a guide only.

Road and Cross-Country Mountain Bike

To ensure the safety of all camp participants and to maximize the learning opportunities for all, there is a minimum standard of on-the-bike competency that all camp participants must satisfy. Road camps are available to athletes with a minimum race age of 14 and no older than racing age 19. Cross-country mountain bike camps will be limited to riders who are a minimum racing age of 14 years old and no older than racing age 19. Athletes that are automatically eligible to participate in the camps meet one or more of the following standards contingent on space being available in the desired camp:

  1. Participated in the 2016 or prior Regional Camp program.
  2. Carry a valid 2017 collegiate racing license (men, D, C, or B and women, C or B) and are under the racing age of 21 in 2016. (Exception would be cross-country mountain bike camps).
  3. Finish in the top five in a USA Cycling Road Development Race Series race (15/16 or 17/18 category) since June 1, 2015. Athletes 14 years old must qualify through the 15/16 category. Results in the 13/14 category will not be counted.
  4. Finish in the top five in an AMBC race (Category 2, 15/16 or 17/18 category) since June 1, 2015. Athletes that are 14 years old must qualify through the 15/16 category. Results in the 13/14 category will not be counted.
  5. Finish in the top 10 in the road race, time trial, or criterium event at the 2015 or 2016 Junior Road National Championships. 13/14, 15/16, and 17/18 results will be considered.
  6. Finish in the top 10 in the cross-country at the 2016 Junior Mountain Bike National Championships in the 13/14, 15/16 or 17/18 age groups in category 2.
  7. For road camps, athletes must carry a current USA Cycling racing license as a minimum Category 4 and be a minimum race age of 14. For MTB camps, athletes must carry a current USA Cycling racing license as a minimum Category 3 and be a minimum race age of 14.
  8. Represented the United States in international competition in 2016.

If you do not meet the automatic qualification standards, you can petition the camp manager to be admitted into the camp. Please send an email (click on the camp manager's name in the table above) listing your race results and reasons that you should be allowed in the camp. For instance, if your area has no USA Cycling Road Development Race Series or AMBC races, you should include that information.


Camp Pricing/Cancellation/Change/Refund Policy

Camps range from $550-$850, depending on the camp and time of registration.

Type of Camp
Regular (More than 30 days out)
Late (Less than 30 days out)
Road and MTB ID
Cyclo-Cross $550 $650


Financial aid for the Talent ID Camps may be available from the USA Cycling Foundation's High Performance Grants for those who qualify.


Refunds for cancellations will be issued according to the following schedule. The refund period is based on the first day of the camp for which you are registered.

  • 14 days or fewer, no refund
  • 15-30 days, 25% refund
  • 31-60 days, 50% refund
  • 61 or more days, 75% refund

After registration, if the rider decides to change camps, a $100 change fee will be instituted. If USA Cycling cancels a camp, riders can change camps with no penalty or receive a refund. To change camps please contact the Athlete Development Director.



“The talent ID camps are a great way to expedite development in the very important junior years. These seasons are where the fundamentals of cycling are of the upmost importance, which the camps teach extremely well”.
Alex Darville - Bontrager

“Without the USAC Talent ID Camp I attended in the Summer/Fall of 2009 I don't know how far I would have gone in cycling. The opportunities that have come from being involved with the USAC Talent Pipe Line have been life changing from an on the bike/off the bike stand point! I highly recommend attending these Talent ID Camps to whoever wants to get the attention of USAC and get involved in the USAC Development Pipeline.”
Eamon Lucas – Cal Giant

“As a junior rider who dreamt of competing at the highest levels of the sport, participation in the USA Cycling Talent ID camp at Flagstaff, AZ provided instrumental gains toward achieving that goal. First, I developed a greater understanding of the fundamentals of the sport like caravan and pack skills, race strategy, and the basics of nutrition. Second, I deepened a relationship with USA Cycling through its staff and coaches that led to opportunities further down the road.”
Stephen Leece - Jamis Hagens Berman

“The Talent ID camp I went to when I was 16 years of age was the first stepping stone to where I am  now in my life of cycling. The camp puts you face to face with the family of USA Cycling, which allows you to become more than a name on a piece of paper or email. They can now see beyond just your talent or numbers, and on to who you are as a person. It can simply be life changing, as I realized a few days ago that I'm headed over to Europe this spring for the sixth year in a row to race for the USA.”
Ryan Eastman - Bontrager

“The Talent ID camps really gave me the chance to learn a lot about being a great cyclist on and off the bike. These camps are key to getting into the USAC pipeline which has developed me and many of my fellow teammates into some of the best cyclists out there.”
Logan Owen – Cal Giant

“USA Cycling helped me get to where I am today and the great program is only getting better”. 
Alexey Vermeulen - BMC Devo

“If you want to go anywhere in the sport of cycling, go to to a USA Cycling Talent ID Camp. It's where everything starts. I attended the Flagstaff Camp, run by Barney King when I was fourteen and I owe everything to it. Without the Development Program, I don't know if I would be racing my bike competitively. Now I have been to ten countries and get to ride my bike every day.”
Geoffrey Curran – Bissell Devo

“I would highly recommend going to a Regional Talent ID camp.  Not only will it provide the opportunity to showcase your talent, but you will meet people that will become lifelong friends.  I went to one when I was 14 years old and I can say without a doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without USA Cycling and it all started at the ID camp.  It's a week of fun and learning how to ride your bike.  Don't let this once in a lifetime pass you by because you have one shot to reach your goal! Make it count.”
Nate Brown - Bontrager

“The USA Cycling ID camp was the first time I saw a clear path on how to get to the top of the sport, with the right resources and the support of USA Cycling nothing can hold you back.”
Chris Butler – Champion System



If you have any questions, please contact the Coaching Education and Athlete Development Director at USA Cycling.

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