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Bike racers alone can't make bike races happen. Without volunteers and staff working tirelessly behind the scenes before, during, and long after every race, our sport couldn't go on. Whether you're a former racer or a current one, or have never toed a start line in your life, you can help support the sport we all love by helping to make events happen. Here's how:

  • Volunteer- Contact your local race and offer to help out! Every race director is always looking for more volunteers, so you can't go wrong. Additionally USA Cycling is building a database of individuals who are willing to help out at races in their area. You can opt into this list by checking the box in your account (Account>Volunteer). You can also volunteer on a larger scale at the local level by helping out in your local association
  • Become an Official- Getting certified as an official opens up a world of possibilities. You can mentor new riders while ensuring a level playing field for all, and specialize as much or as little as you like, from a moto-referee to a mountain bike race secretary, you can become part of the community that welcomes a variety of critical skills. 
  • Organize Races and Rides- Whether you're interested in starting a business, big or small, as a professional race director, or just want to put on a Tuesday night training crit for racers in town, you can quickly and easily learn the basics and beyond through our race director certification program. Events form the foundation of our sport, and racers are always thirsting for more chances to pin a number on. 
  • Become a Coach- You'll be amazed at what you will learn as you become a licensed coach, not to mention the endless opportunities to guide, mentor, and develop athletes of all ages and abilities. Just like race directors, this can be a business opportunity or just a hobby- it's whatever you make it, but either way it's incredibly rewarding work.
  • Wrench at the Races- The beauty of bike racing is the synergy of human and machine, and the mechanic ensures that the latter doesn't hamper the performance of the former. If you've got a shop mechanic background and an interest in racing, you're a perfect candidate for becoming a certified race mechanic at the annual Bill Woodul Mechanics Clinic. 
  • Work for a Team- USA Cycling offers memberships for a variety of behind the scenes support staff, particularly at the international level, from soigneurs to caravan drivers. You can purchase one of these memberships through your USA Cycling account.