Tell us who has the best Weeknight Race Series


Week•night rac•er
/ˈwēknīt ˈrāsər/

1) A passionate bike racer who takes part in the weekly ritual of momentarily slipping away from daily life and work responsibilities to race hard, surrounded by friends, in a fun yet competitive environment. Spring and summer examples can be found across mountain bike, road and track.

Are you a weeknight racer?

Weeknight races are the cornerstone of any great grassroots racing scene. And there are some amazing mountain bike, road and track weeknight series from coast to coast... the Driveway Series in Austin, the El Dorado Race Series in Long Beach, and the Thursday Night Training Series in Trexlertown.

Please give a shout out to your favorite series in our Weeknight Race Series Contest! It’s easy. Tell us about your favorite weeknight series on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter including both #ridewithUS AND the series' official name or hashtag.

On March 31, we'll announce our three favorite weeknight race series based on racer feedback on social media. The top three series will receive the following:
  • Prize package of USA Cycling swag and sponsor prizes to give away during events
  • Ten free one-day licenses to give out to people who want to try racing
  • Waived 2017 event permit fee
And if you really impress us, we’ll convince our CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall to show up and race the fan favorite. (But be warned, he’s a former US Pro Criterium champion and Olympic team pursuiter…so you might want to hope a weeknight MTB race wins.)

Please show your favorite series some love and spread the word to your weeknight friends. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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