The Nutrition Corner: A discussion with Chobani’s chef

In partnership with Chobani, USA Cycling is committed to providing sports-wellness information that will help riders maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet their nutritional goals, whether that be for training, group rides, gran fondos, or races.
The Nutrition Corner: A discussion with Chobani’s chef
Talk about protein intake, carbohydrates, sugar, and so on can be confusing and bog riders down. Chobani Corporate Chef, Jake Briere, talks us through simple tips and tricks to keep food delicious and enjoyable—not a burden.
As a Team USA partner, Chobani works with the Olympic Training Center nutritionists and chefs to develop recipes that allow elite athletes to stick to their nutrition plan, but still eat the delicious food they love. 
Cyclists love smoothies because they provide the right mix of carbohydrates, protein, and electrolytes, and are easy to digest after a long ride. What are your tips on how to put together the perfect smoothie? 

We make smoothies at Chobani by following this simple formula: Greek Yogurt + fresh fruits or veggies + liquid + ice + flavoring = delicous smoothies.

Here are two examples of what that would look like:
  • Chobani® Non-Fat Greek Yogurt + fresh cucumber and spinach + coconut water + ice + fresh ginger
  • Chobani® Non-Fat Greek Yogurt + fresh mixed berries and banana + pomegranate juice + ice + honey
This is a basic concept to which anyone can adjust the ingredients and amounts to achieve the flavor and texture they prefer.
Do you have a secret ingredient? 

Salt. Salt is something that most people would never think of adding to a smoothie. Salt enhances the flavors of both sweet and savory foods. Just a pinch will do, because a little salt goes a long way in terms of making a delicious smoothie.
How can Greek Yogurt in the kitchen be used beyond smoothies? Why is it a valuable ingredient?

Greek Yogurt is a truly a unique ingredient as you can use it in so many different ways. It can be a substitute for a number of ingredients, such as for sour cream on top of baked potatoes and tacos. It can replace oil or butter in off-the-shelf baking mixes for a much better nutritional outcome. You can also substitute Chobani® Greek Yogurt for mayonnaise when making chicken salad, pasta salad, or potato salad. I like to think of it as a blank canvas to add other flavors to when creating all kinds of sauces, dips, and dressings. Plus, there’s nothing like a good frozen yogurt in the summer!
What’s the most unexpected way you’ve used Chobani® Greek Yogurt in cooking?

I’ve done a lot of interesting things with it in the kitchen. One that always stands out is our ranch popcorn recipe: We use dehydrated and powdered Chobani® Greek Yogurt to mimic the buttermilk flavor notes found in ranch dressing. It was a huge success and we can never keep up with the demand when we serve it in our kitchen.
Any suggestions that could be done in the everyday kitchen?

There are many simple ways to use Chobani® Greek Yogurt in the kitchen. Replacing your sour cream with Greek Yogurt. Is a great way to start. When comparing the two ingredients, Chobani® Greek yogurt is far superior, as it is an excellent source of protein and reduces fat, all while delivering great flavor. Once you try it on a bowl of chili, a taco, or over mashed potatoes, you’ll never use anything else!

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